All good things must come to an end.

The blog was created in early April 2007 and ran for almost exactly 2 years. All of our contributors loved working on the site, and we were proud that it became many people's go-to source for German music news. However, as our lives evolved, we eventually became unable to keep updating the site. Our last post was on March 31st, 2009.

Despite no longer being updated, remained online and fully accessible so its content could be explored by future visitors. Unfortunately, in November 2011 after the now-outdated software we used at the time started causing problems on the server, the decision was made to permanently delete the blog. This signifies the official end of the project.

If you wish to reference in the future, please visit here (click on a date in blue).

For current German music news and other info, we recommend,,, and of course's Facebook page remains online, and you can also visit the DML Facebook page which is more active.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support over the years!

-Greg, and the rest of the team (Valtteri, Nadja and Joe)